Contract hire. Finance that fits your business.

We offer you a product that has a very low cost of entry and includes scheduled maintenance for the whole term of the agreement. The main benefits of Contract Hire include:

  • ‘Off balance sheet’ financing
    Allows capital to be freed up from non-income earning assets
    Improved balance sheet ratios (ROE)
  • LeasePlan take the residual and operating risk
    LeasePlan takes the risk on falling depreciation and re-sale values
  • Relieve administrative burden
    LeasePlan supplies the van and takes care of the running expenses
    Free-up employees from fleet management activities
  • Fleet costs move from variable to fixed
    Ease of budgeting and forecasting
    Matches finance expenses to asset economic life and usage
  • A complete service package
    Leasing and fleet management needs to be met by the one supplier with one monthly invoice
  • Fixed interest rates
    Competitive funding through ABN AMRO
  • VAT is spread-out over the lease period
  • 100% financing
    No equity or initial deposit is normally required
  • Cost effectiveness and control of operating costs
    Reduced costs due to LeasePlan’s purchasing power, economies of scale and investment in technologies

This product can provide you with the most cost effective and hassle free vehicle solutions. This product offers a “one-stop-shop” range of services including Funding, Road Tax, Insurance, Accident Management, 24 hr Breakdown and Recovery Service, Maintenance Management, Fleet Administration, Replacement Vehicles.


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