The Transporter Pickup. The perfect choice.

Now with typical 0% APR.

Innovative drive and engine technology.

The newest generation of TDI engines stand out for their high torque and excellent efficiency.

7 gears ensure a totally new driving sensation.

The optionally available dual clutch gearbox (DSG) changes gears automatically with no interruption in power flow. It is available for the TDI engines with 140 HP* and 180 HP*.

Specialist for tricky surfaces.

Volkswagen offers various running gear options for special use – for example, the extremely robust heavy-duty running gear for slippery, loose surfaces as often found at building sites.

The TDI diesel engines.

The 2.0 l common rail TDI engines are extremely efficient. The advantage of this innovative technology: diesel fuel is fed to the combustion chamber via one single pipe (common rail). This means that injection pressure is kept at a constant level for all valves. The diesel fuel is injected as very fine spray at up to 1,800 bar into the combustion chamber where it burns evenly. Four of these engines are available for the Transporter Pickup: the 2.0 l TDI with 84 HP*, the 2.0 l TDI with 102 HP*, the 2.0 l TDI with 140 HP* and the 2.0 l BiTDI 180 HP*.

4MOTION drive – powerful and up for a challenge.

The engine torque is distributed as required between the front and rear axle. The electronic differential lock assures even traction – for example, when driving off and accelerating hard, whereby more power is transferred to the wheels having better contact with the road. This ensures improved safety on almost all road surfaces.

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