Crafter Chassis Cab built for the most extreme jobs.

Now with typical 0% APR.

The Crafter Chassis Cab boasts such a robust, high-quality design that it can handle even the toughest tasks. For the same reason, you get a follow-on warranty free of charge for the 3rd year of operation.

Extremely efficient, more powerful than ever.

We have developed three state-of-the-art 2.0 l TDI engines for the Crafter. Their low cubic capacity and effiecient common rail technology make these engines exceptionally economical.

Preparation for power take-offs as standard.

Engines in all output categories have standard preparation for retrofitting auxiliaries. In addition, conversion kits are available for refrigerant compressors and for 14 V, 28 V and 230 V alternators.

The right ratio for every challenge.

The choice of final drive ratio is decisive as to whether the Crafter is optimally suited to its operating conditions. Drivers who frequently travel on motorways or dual carriageways will have different requirements from those who need a vehicle for mountainous terrain. The Crafter is therefore offered with a choice of six final drive ratios ranging from 3.692 : 1 to 5.1 : 1. The higher the ratio, the better the pulling power when driving uphill or when towing a trailer. The smaller the ratio, the less strain is placed on the engine by the engine speed and consequently consumption figures are more favourable. Please refer to the technical data* for information on the final drive ratios available for the individual engines. The wide choice enables you to find the ideal ratio for your Crafter.

The TDI diesel engines.

The 2.0 l 109 HP* (300 Nm) TDI and 2.0 l 136 HP* (340 Nm) TDI, both mono turbo versions, and the 2.0 l 163 HP* (400 Nm) BiTurbo TDI are powerful, pleasantly smooth-running engines. Fuel is injected under high pressure and burnt efficiently. All vehicles are supplied as standard with a diesel particulate filter and 6-speed manual gearbox.

Save up to 0.3 litres per 100 kilometres.

When the start/stop system is activated, it automatically switches off the engine when the driver brakes the vehicle to a standstill, shifts into neutral and releases the clutch. The corresponding display lights up in the instrument cluster. When the driver again operates the clutch, the system restarts the engine. The fuel and cost-saving start/stop system is combined with other innovations: if necessary, the energy management system switches off consumers not in use in order to prevent breakdowns. Regenerative braking achieves direct fuel savings through a special battery recharging method and energy recovery during braking. With the help of this package of measures, consumption can be reduced overall by up to 0.3 litres per 100 km.

The best team for longer journeys.

If you have to drive on motorways every day or often cover long distances cross-country, you can save fuel with the Long-distance package. It includes tyres with optimised rolling resistance, a tyre pressure monitoring display, cruise control and a long final drive ratio.

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