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The California. Now with typical 0% APR.

The world is vast - and there are so many places to discover. So it's great to have a vehicle in which journeys are as much fun as arriving at your destination.

Innovative and eco-friendly.

The California with BlueMotion Technology can save up to 0.5l of fuel over 100km in comparison to a California without BlueMotion Technology. It is therefore better for the environment.

Braking energy used effectively.

Special software for energy management raises alternator voltage during the vehicle’s overrun and braking phases. This recharges the vehicle battery, relieves strain on the engine and therefore reduces fuel consumption. The alternator voltage can also be lowered during the journey.

Give the environment a break while at a red light.

After shifting into neutral and releasing the clutch, the engine is switched off automatically, e.g. at red traffic lights. To start the engine again, it is enough to step on the clutch.

Optimised tyres – optimum fuel consumption.

The California with BlueMotion Technology makes contact with the road via tyres with optimised rolling resistance. The lower rolling resistance of these tyres reduces fuel consumption and therefore CO₂ emissions.

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