Life is full of challenges.

The Amarok. Now with typical 0% APR.

Where others reach their limits, the Amarok makes its way without compromise.

Innovations under the engine compartment lid.

Efficient and powerful with the Amorak's economical engines you can easily master every day-to-day challenge.

Amarok Drive Concept.

The selectable 4MOTION all-wheel drive ensures reliable traction on all road surfaces. Once activated via push-button, it distributes 50 % of the engine output to each of the axles to improve forward thrust. An additional gear reduction setting can be engaged to cope with extremely tough terrain or steep inclines. The electronic stabilisation programme also functions when selectable all-wheel drive is activated. And you continue to drive your vehicle with rear-wheel drive when travelling on paved roads.

The permanent 4MOTION all-wheel drive with Torsen differential makes the most of the dynamic driving benefits of all-wheel drive and is suitable for driving on paved roads as well as on open terrain. It is only available in conjunction with comfort leaf springs. Only available in conjunction wth the 8- Speed automatic transmission.

Choose another gear – still better, two!

An automatic gearbox is available as an option for the 180 HP engine*. The first gear is optimised for off-road use and pulling away when towing a trailer. This eliminates the need for additional gear reduction. The eighth gear, on the other hand, has a longer gear ratio and is designed for fuel-efficient driving at lower revs.

* not available for Amarok SingleCab.

More fun driving on any terrain: the TDI engines.

The Amarok doesn’t just have a lot of character from the outside, there is plenty of personality under the engine compartment lid, too: either the high-performance 2.0 litre TDI engine (90 kW)* or the even more powerful 2.0 litre BiTDI engine (132 kW)* – each equipped with innovative common rail technology. Both engines are extraordinarily high-revving and smooth with rear-wheel drive and comfort leaf springs, making you feel like you are travelling through the city or across the motorway in a passenger car.

* Information on fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions can be downloaded from "Brochures & Prices".

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